Build Your Own CRM Systems

Build Your Own CRM Systems

If your organization has a unique operating style which a standardized CRM software cannot serve or has a large number of users and enough budget (to build own software), it will be a good choice to develop your own customer systems software.

How to develop a customer system? What to prepare?

1. Identify requirements such as your customer acquisition strategies, customer special offers, working processes both pre-sales and post-sales, customer profiling, customer repeating purchase strategies, business metrics, executive reports, etc.

These requirements determine modules, features, functions of customer systems that will be developed.

2. Determine data usage channels, such as Mobile app, Web app, IoT smart devices, as well as linking data from other systems in the organization.

3. Map out user organization chart, user role, user group, and what information each role and each group can access, e.g., user data security metrics.

List of different type of customer systems:

1. Sales Force Automation (SFA)

2. Sales Performance Management (SPM)

3. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

4. Customer Data Platform (CDP)

5. Customer Success Management (CSM)

6. Partnership Relationship Management (PRM)

How many types of customer systems are there?    Which one is right for your business?


1.Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a system for managing the workflow in the sales department. SFA is crucial for business that takes a long time to manage and close the deals (long sales cycle). SFA empowers B2B sales team to track and manage sales opportunities while they negotiate the scope of work, product specification, price, and delivery time.


2.Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a result management system. SPM works well for direct sales that products are not complicated and sales person can quickly close sales with customers. SPM can quickly track and manage results such as number of new customers, sold quantity, and order amount.


3.Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a proposal and price management system. CPQ provides customizable offerings to meet the needs of customers, with a history of prior offers and feedbacks, in order to make an offer that customers will agree upon.


4.Customer Data Platform (CDP) including Contact Center, is a mass consumer or B2C sales system that collects customer interaction big data in order to analyze behavior and provide tailored offers. In addition, CDP serves as self-service portal that customers can review own purchase history and own inquiries.


5.Customer Success Management (CSM) is a sales system that is clearly linked to customer goals. Example includes tutor business with a goal of student getting better grade, fitness business with a goal of weight loss, or alternative energy business with a goal of energy savings, etc.


6.Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is a sales system for managing and empowering channel partners. PRM supports B2B workflow, with ability to track and manage sales volumes by partners, after sales services, product support, project support, and assisting partners to resolve issues.

Could you give an example of how to set up a customer system?    What are the steps?

Setting up a Sales Force Automation (SFA) consists of 8 steps as follows:

1. Create product information, calculate product cost, set pricing structure.

2. Determine sales target and sales channels.

3. Organize the sales team, define roles and responsibilities within the team.

4. Design advertising contents and media, to attract interests and generate prospects.

5. Design steps to follow up, handle objections, and close sales deals.

6. Design customer care services.

7. Create customer communication channels. Manage customer segments. Manage relationship through fan activities.

8. Evaluate product feedbacks. Evaluate sales team result.

Systems Development Professional Services

Signify team can provide business consulting, design, and development of customer systems according to your requirements, in a turn-key approach.

The team can develop customer systems of the following 6 types:
1. Sales Force Automation (SFA)
2. Sales Performance Management (SPM)
3. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
4. Customer Data Platform (CDP)
5. Customer Success Management (CSM)
6. Partnership Relationship Management (PRM)

Signify team has expertise in developing web application and mobile application (cross platform) using MVC framework, with internationally accepted software engineering standards.   We can help customers install the customer systems on Cloud platform such as Amazon Web Service (AWS).   We can also provide system maintenance, monitoring, and user support services.

Have questions?     Please feel free to contact our sales team at +66 2 863 6038

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