InfluxDB Digital Service Monitoring and IoT Solutions

Digital Service Monitoring and IoT Solutions with InfluxDB

Faster, Better Time-Series Analysis

In today’s digital economy, service organizations will want to know how well customers use your services at every click and at any given time.

Signify is a partner of InfluxData and provides implementation services and integration with SignifyCRM applications.    Signify team can help your organization connect service data and build analytics and automation.

Benefiting Industries

o IoT-enabled Consumer Services

o IoT-enabled B2B Services

o Manufacturing

o Energy

o Clean Energy

o Fintech

o Online Gaming

o Software-as-a-Service

o Broadband Network

Benefiting Applications

o Smart Meters and Industrial IoT Sensors

o Customer Usage Analytics & Responses

o High Availability & Service Level Management

Smart Meters and Industrial IoT Sensors

Industries can use IoT-enabled devices to remotely collect data of energy usage, electrical signal, and ambience indicators like temperature, humidity, windspeed, pH, etc. and centralize the data in a big-data-ready format empowered by InfluxDB.

o Energy Monitoring

o Sensor Monitoring

o Predictive Analytics

Customer Usage Analytics & Responses

Response-time-focused companies like financial services, banking, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) can collect usage data such as login, response time, API request, fault and analyze for the continuous improvement of customer experiences.

o Usage Monitoring

o Machine Learning Input

o Fraud Monitoring

o Service History, Incident Track & Trace

o Market Data (storeing financial market data for correlation and analytics)

High Availability & Service Level Management

To achieve higher service level for customers, companies can automate the usage analysis and responses by triggering actions: preventive actions as well as fault-rectifying actions for service team to investigate, improve, and resolve.

Through collective improvements, companies therefore can attain and sustain high customer satisfactions.

o Infrastructure Monitoring

o Network Monitoring

o DevOps Monitoring

About InfluxDB

Based in the US with worldwide customers, InfluxData is a leading database technology company, providing InfluxDB, a time-series database solution, that serve the needs for today’s digital service economies.   InfluxDB customers include Telsa, Lucid, Disney+,,,,, AT&T Wireless, Vodafone, and Siemens.   Visit website for more information.


About Signify

Signify provides SignifyCRM – software-as-a-service application solutions – that help sales and service professionals sell and serve customers easier, better, and faster.    Currently, Signify serves Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore markets.    Visit website for more information.

For more information, please contact our sales team at +66 2 863 6038