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SignifyCRM Lite Edition – Monthly Billing

USD 29
per User per Month
  • Suitable for Small-to-Midsize Team
  • Include 5-Hour Remote Training per Year
  • Include 20 Support Tickets per Year

SignifyCRM Standard Edition – Monthly Billing

USD 72
per User per Month
  • For All Size Professional Team
  • Include All Modules
  • Include 10-Hour Training per Year
  • Include Unlimited Support
  • Customized CRM for Your Enterprise

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  • Customized Modules
  • Integration with Your Existing Systems
  • Project Implementation
  • Managed User Support and Systems
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Lite Standard Customized


Private Space

Import/Export Data

Merge Duplicate Data

Daily Data Backup


My Assignment List / My Favorite List

My Dashboards

Ad-Hoc Reports

Mobile App

Workflow Automation


User/Password Management

Role Security

Data Group Security

Audit Log


Two-Factor Authorization




Accounts and Contacts

Activities (Call, Meetings, Tasks, Email, Photo)



Product and Management

Sales Orders

Billing Plan & Payment Schedules

Sales Forecast



Service Level Management

Online Surveys

Product Warranties

Service Orders

Self-Service Case Portal


Telesales Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Online Leads Registration


Purchase Orders

Material Receipts

Inventory Management

Customer Invoices

Receive Vouchers


Contact Center (Asterisk, Cisco, NEC)

Cloud Application (Line, Facebook,, GoogleDrive, Gmail)

ERP and Back Office Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Software Subscription is the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) being provided over the Internet.   Customers can access the software through Web Browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or use application on Andriod and IOS Smartphone and Tablet.     Software Subscription is priced per User per Month, being billed on a yearly basis (12 months).
  • Services include software updates with new features, new modules, and fixes.   Also include user support services and systems services such as daily data backup and systems security monitoring and verification.
  • Customer can increase or reduce number of users in accordance with customer’s business condition (minimum requirement is only 5 users).   No need for high upfront investment.   Can start small and expand as the business grows.
  • Software subscription is nowadays popular among all sizes of organizations: large, medium, small.   Technology is stable.  It is more convenient.   It provides cost saving.    Customers do not waste time with systems installation and upgrades.    No additional workload to your IT department.
  • Cost Saving.   Software Subscription can reduce your cost up to 80%, in comparison to recruiting IT personal and maintaining own sets of software, hardware, high-speed-network data center.
  • Customer owns Customer Data.
  • Through Data Management features, users can import data from files and export data to files.    The files can be openned in Microsoft Excel.
  • Customer can control user security, who has authorization to import and export.    And with Audit feature, can verify who have accessed the systems and have updated what data.
  • Customer can assign 2 users as Admin to contact Signify Support Team.
  • User Support is provided through channels: Phone, Email, Login to Signify Customer Portal where Admin can directly create cases as well as access all User Guides, and Onsite Meeting when other channels are not effective.
  • Cases are governed by Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures the customer with fast response time and resolution time.

Our standard services include:

Unlimited Data: Accounts Contacts etc.

Customer Support with SLA

Customer Usage Consulting and Traning

Managed Application Updates and Data Backup

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