“Easy-to-Use sales force and CRM software application.   Suitable for all businesses.   Work productively Any Where Any Time.”


  • Manage Leads
  • Manage Sales Pipeline
  • Approve Quotations
  • Execute Sales Orders
  • Schedule Invoice and Collection
  • Improve Financial Control


  • Manage Cases, with SLA
  • Execute Service Orders
  • Manage Product Warranty
  • Customer Surveys

Marketing and Intelligence

  • Email and Telesales Campaigns
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Product Analysis
All-In-One CRM Software

Streamline sales and services from One App!

SignifyCRM helps you harness the works of Sales, Service, and Marketing with end-to-end business processes and integration with popular application: Line, Facebook, Box.com, GoogleDrive, and Gmail.

Users will find Signify CRM easy-to-use, easy-to-organize business information.   All information is Real Time.   No more reworks.   No more manual reports.   No more missing deadlines.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs!

All Adjustable: Work Lists, Layouts, Themes, Reports, Workflows.

Users can use information through different views including My List View, Kan Ban View.   It is personalized for users with capability to adjust the screen layouts or change color theme to fit their company theme. It is convenient for users with capability to mark any data record as Favorite so that the users can access them quickly in My Favorite List.

The application is just very flexible.

SignifyCRM Kanban View
SignifyCRM Mobile Checkin

Work Mobility!

SignifyCRM is available for Web, Mobile, Tablet.

Users will be informed of new assignment while being away from the office — in the car, in the train, at the restaurant, etc.    Save customer’s information, update status of assignment, check-in your location, these actions are easy.


Social CRM

Similar to using facebook, you can use SignifyCRM to view feed of sales and service activities.    With this, you know what goes on in the team.

Through online CRM systems, you can follow up on appointments and assignments.    You will get the systems to remind about important appointments and assignments.

Social Sales and Service Feed
SignifyCRM Report Automation

Automate as much as possible!

SignifyCRM can help you automatically send business summary reports to your team at your desired date and time.    So your team will have reports ready for daily, weekly, monthly meeting.

SignifyCRM can also automatically notify, remind you to take action or take action on your behalf, through the workflow automation features.

Technology that helps improve business.

Solutions that increase sales revenue

It is widely accepted by successful companies that simply having sales systems in place, sales revenue will go up.

In addition, team productivity and company’s competitive level will also go up.

Customer’s success is our objective.

“Signify helps me with a business system that harnesses all team members toward same goal.   I can now easily manage business opportunities from 50 sales persons.”, said by our customer Enfourtech Engineering.


B2B Sales Management

If your company sells to another company (referred to as B2B) and wants to become successful in B2B selling, your company will need Sales Force Management software and will need to establish business process that can handle long sales cycle, your sales team will need to follow through business relationship with many contacts involved in the decision making, and you will need the ability to control pricing, terms, and their revisions.


SignifyCRM is a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that users will find it easy to use and can greatly improve sales and customer service operations.     Since 2007, Signify has earned trusts from numerous client organizations that include industry leaders, government agencies, and international business organizations.    With 12+ years of experiences, we can help our clients overcome obstacles and become successful in their business systems development.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

"Great CRM enables your team members to provide excellent real time customer service through the effective use of individual account info.   Based on what they know about each valued customer, your team can customize marketing offers, service actions, and positive communications.     CRM is simply the major driver for company’s profitability and building up of the customer base", said Phillip Kotler -- the professor of marketing at Northwestern University.