Customer Highlight

Enfourtech Engineering

“ROI on having CRM in our team is very good.    Within 6 months, we get it paid back.”

National Food Institute

“Handling hundreds of quotations and sales orders becoming more convenient.”

Tomco Engineering

“After implementing the CRM, we start to see our revenue steadily grow.”

Petroleum Institute of Thailand

“SignifyCRM helps us organize customer information into one manageable place.”

Muller Mechanics

“With SignifyCRM, we can collaborate online and save a lot of time with all the sales reports.”

SC Asset

“Signify team can quickly respond to our needs, so we keep on customer service improvement.”

Sales Force Management Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Kanyong Wattana

Enfourtech Engineering

Muller Mechanics

Bangkok Industrial Gas

Sanook! Online

BFM Company Limited

HIS Travel

Vogue Magazines

Converse Shoes and Apparel

Public Service Customer Management Systems

Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Federation of Thai Industries

National Food Institute, Ministry of Industry

Department of Industry Promotion, Ministry of Industry

National Institute of Metrology, Ministry of Science and Technology

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA)

Petroleum Institute of Thailand, Ministry of Energy

Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, Ministry of Natural Resources

Customer Service Centers

Rabbit Carrot Card

Government Saving Bank

Sanyo Panasonic Business

SC Asset

Suthothai Thammathirat Open University

Pharam 9 Hospital

Sales Reporting and Business Intelligence Systems

Amadeus Asia

Total Access Communication (DTAC)

Honda Automobile Rama 3 Group

SignifyCRM users said they can achieve these improvement:


Increased revenue, from having best practice sales process and systems.


Increased work productivity, from having single customer view, real time collaboration, workflow and report automation.


Increased precision in sales forecast, therefore better planning for production and customer delivery.

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